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We see love from a different angle.


We are Fire & Ice. Award winning creators and curators of wedding day memories. Flowers die, the cake gets eaten. But what we capture on your special day will last you a lifetime.

Who are Fire & Ice?

About Us

We are a collective of photographers, film makers and editors who specialise in wedding documentation.

We provide a service that not only preserves the memories of your special day, but elevates them. Creating timeless works of art unique to you and your wedding.

We are an award winning International wedding photography and cinema production company. We have spent the last few years developing and mastering our craft, collecting a full time staff of 10 creatives, booking in over 100 weddings every year, travelling the globe and amassing a social media reach of 35k followers on Facebook, 40k followers on Instagram and 24k members in our photography society FB group.

We are Fire & Ice

Founded in 2017, Fire & Ice began taking the industry by storm, sourcing a team of talented creatives who are already leading the industry both creatively and commercially, with eyes set on bigger things.

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Our Award Winning photographers take their passion and knowledge of the craft and use it to create images that will leave you speechless. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

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Our team of cinematographers create bold and unique works of art that capture your wedding as it happened, but slower. And with more smoke.

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