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We are Fire & Ice. Award winning creators and curators of wedding day memories. Flowers die, the cake gets eaten. But what we capture on your special day will last you a lifetime.

Who are Fire & Ice?


We are a collective of photographers, film makers and editors who specialise in wedding documentation.

We provide a service that not only preserves the memories of your special day, but elevates them. Creating timeless works of art unique to you and your wedding.

We are an award winning International wedding photography and cinema production company based in the United Kingdom. We have spent the last 7 years developing and mastering our craft, collecting a full time staff of 12 creatives, shooting over 140 weddings this year, travelling the globe and amassing a social media reach of 50k followers on Facebook, over 100k followers on Instagram and 40k members in our Facebook Photography Society Group.


We are Fire & Ice

Founded in 2017, Fire & Ice began taking the industry by storm, sourcing a team of talented creatives who are already leading the industry both creatively and commercially, with eyes set on bigger things.

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Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer UK

We, the Fire & Ice, are a team of professional creative wedding photographers & videographers. We have founded this organization to make your dreams a reality, creatively and beautifully.

A few decades ago, traditional wedding photography and videography was in. And there were no or little advancements in this industry. But people want to make their special day more special. So, here we come in, to make your big day more fascinating!

When the time has changed then why not the photography? When you can create a story (with videos) then why to rely on the album only?

Wedding photography and videography is not just about capturing the photos and shooting videos – it is about beautifully and creatively catching the valuable moments of your life in a frame. The moments that will make you feel precious and say“Aha! We had a dream wedding, it is exactly what we want!” while watching your wedding and flipping a photo – one after another.

To make your wedding a DREAM WEDDING, to beautifully and perfectly catch the precious moments of your special day, and bring smiles on your face, the Fire & ice team is always here!

Fire & Ice is not an ordinary company. It is an award-winning company who offers quality services, comfort, and confidence to the clients (of having the best wedding photographers and filmmakers ever).

Apart from the photograph and videography skills, our team is most comfortable to work with. This is why people choose our services and we give them trust, credibility, and confidence for choosing the right services.

Our story

The two beautiful souls, creative minds, and passionate photographers met in a photography conference. They had no idea about the future and even no intentions about it. All they knew is – they want to pursue their career in the field of photography. And present their talent with a new perspective.

Ideas were the same, passions were great, and so a miracle happened! They met again, after years, in an online photography forum. They fell in love and decided to achieve their goals together. And they did it! Yaky and Christian are managing one of the best Photography and Videography Company based in the UK.

Their journey didn’t stop here. To their path to big dreams, they met and got new talents (team members) on the way. And they were equally passionate about wedding photography and filming the precious moments creatively.

Now, we own one of the best wedding and elopements companies where people are happy and comfortable to work with us. We have won awards for our extraordinary photography and videography skills. We’ve been recognised for our work. We have been awarded as winners of the 2019 Welsh Wedding Awards and 2018/19 Shoot and Share winners, among others.

We have worked with more than 100 couples in a year, and this number keeps on increasing, gradually. We film and shoot at different breathtaking locations around the globe. To make their wedding and pre-wedding shoot exceptional, joyful, and adventurous!

Our mission

We always focus on our clients’ requirements to make their fancies come true, of their wedding. We do our utmost to make your special day unforgettable and remarkable.

From pre-wedding shoots to the last moment of your wedding, we are always there to catch every single moment that is precious and valuable. The moment that could bring a smile on your face when you’ll put a glimpse on your wedding photographs and videos.

However, there are many companies out there but what makes us stand out in the crowd? It is our passion for our work, creativity, and comfort for our clients that makes us different from our rivals.

You might be a shy person. You might don’t know how to pose in front of the camera, or you might get uncomfortable during the shoot. But here, with Fire & ice, everything is done in a classic style to make our clients pleased while capturing the wonderful shots.

Our creative professionals see love through different angles. And we know how to make it more presentable in your wedding photographs and videos. We have diversified shooting techniques. And we are always available for artistic filmmaking and photography, for you anywhere around the globe.

The aim is to make you happy and your day more special and memorable. Not just on the day of your wedding, but every time, when you will see your images and videos – you‘d admire the love story crafted by us.

We have proven, love cannot only be felt, but it can also be seen. Love is a story – from the time you met, to the day you tied in a knot – that hidden journey can be manifested by crafting a love story. That needs appealing visuals, so here we are to help you.

To make that day remarkable and more cherished, you need to do something special. So here we are! Feel free to share your fantasies, your location, and rest is our job!

Also, we welcome the new talent wholeheartedly who wants to join our team. And emerge as a professional and creative wedding photographer and videographer, under the supervision of experts.

Our services

For being part of our happy clients’ community, it is your right to know what we offer and what we can do for you. We are offering the services of wedding photography and videography in the UK. But we are not bound in the boundaries of the UK. We are happy to accompany you where you want to have your wedding or pre-wedding shoot.

We have travelled to almost all the countries, for our clients to shoot at their dream location. Our high priority is making our clients happy and comfortable whilst manifesting their love with a unique outlook.

This is why we are here, at the point, where clients love to work with us. It is not just our customer services. It is our passion for photography and filmmaking. We have unparalleled sights and dimensions that attract the people because they want BEST for themselves.

Wedding Photographer

You can’t tell your story in words – even if you can – but still, the visual stories have more impact than verbal or written, and you can’t express well without visuals, right?

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” – Andy Warhol

After the years, when you will get old, but your memories will remain the same (captured by us). You’d live those moments again. We will create unforgettable recollections for you that you can cherish forever.

Even after years and years, the photographs remain the same and provoke our thoughts, trigger our emotions, and memories of that special day.

You’ll have many moments together, after your union that will make you smile, make you happy, grateful, and proud of having each other. But the day you decided to stay together forever, has to be special.

Why do people capture pictures of valuable moments? And they keep it with them in albums, digital devices, and in beautiful frames on the wall?

We all do this – because it refreshes our memory, makes us happy, and shows us life is beautiful. We had precious moments with our loved ones and they are still by our side. And a sense of gratification makes this feeling more strong.

So, for making your albums full of memorable and pleasurable moments, decorate your wall with a bright smiling face and showing the perfection in each piece, we are here! Wedding photographs and videos are more valuable than any other thing, so it should be done creatively.

The most special day needs the extra effort to make it special forever! Our professionals are well-trained and know how to present you in front of the camera, how to make your day one of the best things that have happened in your life.

Do you know what’s more exciting? Besides having quality work, the team provides you with a convenient and friendly environment. So you can speak about what you really want and how your dream wedding should be. Feel free to say anything because it’s your day!

Wedding Videographer

Visual stories have more impact than written stories and what is better than videos? The breathtaking videos expressing your love story and screaming about how much you love each other. And that is why you tie in a knot and decided to spend your whole life with an amazing person!

Not only your wedding, but every day is also special with your loved ones. And why not to express your happiness, why not to catch every precious moment in a frame to bring a smile on your face later?

Our team knows how to make your big day special for you, about your relationship, about your efforts for being together.

You want to say it all, all at once, so let us be your voice!

You want to see how it looks, how attractive it is, so let us be your eyes!

See your love with a new perspective with broad dimensions, and each part of surrounding should support it!

So here we are! From the mountains to the lakes, from castles to the dance floors, we know how to catch every move creatively.

We create videos that will lead you to the world of fantasies. You will have the most beautiful feelings and thoughts about yourself. We know how much this day means to you, it’s your special day so treat it that way.

Whether you’re an adventurous couple, romantic couple, or the one who sees their wedding day as a fairytale. No matter what, we are here to make it that way for you. Themes, locations and other factors are managed accordingly.

Everyone has fantasies for their big day and we want to make it special as much as we can. That’s why planning takes more time than the wedding itself. We all admit that planning is sketchy without great wedding photography and videography.

Actually, it is the prime thing we want to do while planning a wedding. A skilled filmmaker is as important as your wedding dress. You want everything perfect on this day. Everything according to your desires and dream, so why not photography?.

You want to have a beautiful wedding dress, a great professional makeup artist, a classic dream place, and your beloved partner. You can’t forget your special day, but what would make it memorable? Your remarkable wedding and pre-wedding shoot!

The brain starts fading and blurring the memories after years, but the videos and photographs will always remain the same. It will keep reminding you of the moments, feelings, happiness, joy, and charm of your special day.

You can live those moments again and share your journey of falling in love. The day you tied in a knot, and living happily ever after with your loved ones! Love is meant to express through different means! So express your love with words, actions, care, and your visually crafted love story!
Join us

Would you like to make your wedding day more than special and unique? You need to connect with our professionals to make your fantasy a reality! This is the time you need to decide – whether you want an ordinary wedding – or you want to make your special day, truly special!

We have tons of followers on our social media accounts who love to speak about what they love. Our social media reach of 35k followers on Facebook, 40k followers on Instagram and 24k members in our photography society FB group shows us our successful journey and admiration from people for our skilled team.

Also, the thousands of happy and contented customers still remember us because their day was equally important for us – and we mean it.Your big day is as special for us as it is for you. We do not on;y say it, we make it!

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