Your wedding experience with Fire and Ice.

A guide to our most frequently asked questions.

Planning a wedding is exciting! It can also be stressful and a little daunting.
Fire and Ice aim to make your Wedding Photography/Videography experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible.
Let’s explore our most frequently asked questions.

So, you have chosen your wedding package and decided to book (yay!)

First, we will send you out your contract, listing our full terms and a breakdown of your wedding package.
We will then send out your invoice – requiring a £500 flat booking fee.
As soon as your contract is signed and the deposit is paid that is your date secured!

Your invoice allows you to make payments anytime for any amount.

We offer a variety of discounts,
£100 – NHS and nurse discount.
£100 – military police and fire service.
£100 – off peak discount.
£100 – weekday wedding.
5% – payment in full.

If you’re unsure if you qualify for a discount just ask.

The deposit fee is non­-refundable.
Your deposit secures your date – therefore, anyone else enquiring for your wedding date will be turned away.
If you have paid in full and your wedding is cancelled, we will refund all money paid (except your deposit)
Yes! We absolutely encourage this.
We will arrange a consultation with your team, either in person or via Skype/FaceTime.
We book weddings all over the world so sometimes Skype is the only option.
But if you’re local – feel free to visit us at our offices for a coffee and meet your team in person.

If your Wedding package includes an Engagement session, your team will be the ones to do it, so you will also get to work with them before your big day.

Fire and Ice are a team of ten creatives, consisting of Master and Associate Photographers and Videographers.

Depending on the package you choose will determine who your Photographers will be.

All of our Photography packages include at least one Master Photographer.
Fire 1 – Two Master Photographers – our most experienced team.
Fire 2 – One Master and one Associate Photographer. (Associate photographers are trained employees who come as our second lead.)
Fire 3 – One Master Photographer.

If your package includes Videography, you will have two Videographers.

We get asked this a lot and we are here to say don’t worry!
Fire and Ice are a very experienced team, we have worked with over 200 couples and we can promise you – shy or not, we will get you relaxed in front of that camera and create some magic – we have a few tricks up our sleeves!

You will have us for the full day!
That’s right, we don’t clock on and clock off at specific times, all of our wedding packages include full day coverage.

We absolutely LOVE our job and our job is to tell your wedding story from start to finish.

We will arrive 2/3 hours before your ceremony and stay until the evening party.
If you have booked Videography – we usually stay longer (our video team love getting footage of all you tipsy dancers! It makes for some great viewing on your videos.)

If you have something special planned for later on in the evening, fireworks/sparklers – just let us know, we are there for that!

If your wedding is more than two and a half hours away from where we are based, we ask for one night’s accommodation.
We will not risk travelling to your wedding on the same morning – unexpected traffic jams, accidents, anything could happen and we like to ensure we are within a close enough distance to arrive at your wedding early.
Depending on availability, you can upgrade your package at any time.

You can also upgrade after your wedding.
That’s right! If your Videography package includes one or two videos, you can upgrade to include an extended walk through the day video for up to 12 months after your wedding.

We highly recommend booking two Photographers if possible.
There are benefits to having two Photographers at your wedding.

A variety of angles during your ceremony.
When we work in teams, one Photographer is at the front of your ceremony and one is at the back. This will ensure you have different perspectives and a good variety of angles.

The amount of photos.
Two Photographers together will take more photos than one. Your gallery will be jam packed with a wide variety from two sets of eyes.
Whilst our lead Photographer is taking care of the very important shots – our second is still clicking away, capturing candid moments and different angles.

Preparations – we will be able to capture preparations of both partners.

Yes! Although we recommend booking two wherever possible, one Photographer will be enough to capture everything needed on your wedding day.
Our master Photographers are experienced and skilled – so not to worry, if you have booked our one Master Photographer package – you are in good hands.

This question comes up a lot and we completely understand! You want to enjoy your wedding day and be fully present, celebrating with your loved ones.

Formals – 20/30 minutes straight after your ceremony. We have a process for formals that ensure they are done swiftly and efficiently.

Intimate session – best done during sunset so depending on the time of year you have booked your wedding will determine the time.
The more time you can give us here, the better. Approximately 30-45 minutes will guarantee some amazing photos and footage.

Throughout the day, we may randomly pull you aside for a creative shot we have in mind but we won’t keep you too long we promise! It would have already been planned, set up and tested on our own team to ensure a minimum amount of time taken with the bride and groom.

Our galleries are mostly about storytelling – with a few big “wow” shots.

We love when our couples want to get involved and you have your own ideas.
This is one of the most important days of your lives and if you have a certain vision then please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate.
From a couple that wanted a peaky blinders teaser to a couple who had their heart set on a marryoke! Whatever your request – we can accommodate.

You will receive a preview within 7 days of your wedding, for photography – a selection of photos and videography – your teaser video.

Your full wedding gallery will be delivered within 8 weeks.

Highlight video – 6/8 weeks.

Extended movie – 8/10 weeks.

Every couple is different and if you prefer a certain style then no problem.
If you want a gallery full of natural photos – we can do that.
If you love our posed photos – we can spend extra time with you getting more of those wow shots.
If you love both – great!
Head over to our ‘Documentary, candid, prompted and posed’ blog for an in depth description on how we incorporate each style on your wedding day.

Destination weddings make up a great deal of our wedding bookings.
We fly all over the world and have visited some truly incredible places!

We will arrive at least two days before your wedding and leave the day after your wedding.

Additional costs include flights and accommodation.

Yes! Absolutely.
We understand everyone loves different styles and if you prefer a more colourful and bright gallery then no problem at all!

The benefits of having a full team is that we have enough people on stand by if needed.
We have not yet been in a situation where the allocated Photographer/Videographer cannot make a wedding – but we are definitely prepared for this, just in case!
We take our break when you and your guests sit down to eat your meal.
After all, nobody wants photos of themselves eating right?

We will stay on site if food is provided, although it isn’t necessary.
If food is not provided, we will either bring our own packed lunch or nip to the nearest Mcdonalds – we aren’t fussy!

Your gallery will include a print release and the copyright stays with Fire and Ice.
This is to protect our work and to keep our brand consistent, it stops others from editing our images.

All you will need is a print release, this means you can download your photos and get them printed anywhere.

Your Videos and Gallery will be delivered via a download link.
The main advantage to this as opposed to a USB for example, is your photos cannot be lost. The links will always be there!
You can download your photos/videos directly from the link.

Your Photos will be delivered in High Resolution – so you can download them and create your own album/print your own photos.

We offer albums as an add on if you would like yours professionally designed.
If you would like a price list, just let us know.

No, Fire and Ice do not release unedited images, we only deliver finished products.
Unedited images are not a full representation of our work.

The amount of photos you receive really depends on your wedding day.
We can take approximately 2 – 3k photos and we narrow them down to roughly 1000 photos for your finished gallery.

You will receive every usable image.

So, if you are thinking of booking with us or you have booked with us – hopefully we have answered all of your questions and if not, just get in touch via email at

Speak to you soon!