Congratulations on your engagement!! Now the planning begins. Planning a wedding can get overwhelming and stressful. Organising the whole day, the venue, the people you want to invite, the wedding dress and the little features that make the wedding personal to you. Getting married should be an exciting time for you and your partner, so here are some tips for planning your wedding. 


Where do you begin? Colour theme, decorations, dresses, there is a lot to think about! The best place to start is to get some wedding inspiration from Pinterest. With many people posting photos of wedding flowers, bridesmaids dresses, wedding shoes and wedding rings, it can give you some ideas of what you would like in your wedding and start the process of putting everything together for your big day. Check out our Pinterest Wedding Inspiration Here 

  • HAVE FUN! 

Although planning a wedding can be stressful, you can also have some fun. Go dress shopping with your bridesmaids and open a bottle of bubble to cheers to finding your perfect dress, taste some examples of wedding cake before choosing the right flavour for you! Wedding planning can be fun, you just have to enjoy every moment. 

  • BUDGET  

All the little things can start adding up. Set a budget and stick to it. Have a conversation with your partner. You don’t want to set a budget that you won’t be able to afford and be disappointed in the future when you can’t have the ideas you have dreamed of. Setting a budget at the start of your wedding plans can make things so much easier. 


Deciding on a number of guests to invite to your wedding can be a tricky decision. Who to invite on the day, who to just invite to the evening, are they going to be bringing a plus one? This part of the planning can be the most stressful for you and your partner. Before booking a venue, you should have a number of guests you want to invite, to make sure the venue has enough space for every person and enough space on the dance floor for all the dancing feet. Decide on the number of guests before making any big decision on the venue. 


Now you have figured out your guest numbers and your budget, it’s time to start thinking of your venue! Where do you and your partner want to say I do? Get some inspiration, have a look at some venue websites, visit some of your dream wedding venues, is the scenery and the landscape perfect for your wedding photographers and videographers to capture your special day, and see if they have the date available for your wedding. Once you have agreed to a wedding venue, the fun wedding planning starts, connecting everything together for your big day! 


Choose the right people to help with your big day! Having friends and family around to help with decisions for your wedding day can make things so much easier. Choosing people you can rely on is important, sisters, best friends or parents will always be the best people to rely on when planning your wedding. 


Your wedding is about you and your partner and celebrating the love you two share for each other. Adding personal touches to your wedding will make the day unique to you. Whether it’s a personal message on a wedding sign, or features in your wedding that represent you as a couple or your personal theme, can make your wedding unique and special for you to always remember. 


Although every detail of your wedding makes your day perfect for you, the important part of your wedding is you and your partner and the love you share. No matter how stressful you get, the only thing you need on your wedding day is your partner and your happiness, everything else will fall into place. 

Hope these few tips will help you when planning your special day!