From a beautiful engagement shoot to an epic engagement video. Fire and Ice videographers captured amazing footage from Charli and Joel’s engagement shoot and the end result is crazy! From a beach location to a waterfall setting, every moment and technique came together to create an incredible engagement video.  

First location of their engagement shoot was a beach in Southerndown, Charli and Joel’s love was reflected through the waves and the glistening golden sunset. Their love and intimacy connected with the waves crashing on the rocks and the sunset background, created beautiful images and video of the happy couple.  

The outcome from this location was stunning, a romantic and captivating shoot. Yet our videographers knew the end result could be more unique and epic! Coming up with new ideas with a range of technology, FPV Drone, projector and the Sony A7S3, to pull off a breathtaking engagement video. The ideas were filling the room. Projecting the footage on a wall, projecting the footage on a waterfall, cutting from the beach location shoot to the waterfall location shoot. There were many options to think about. 

The love between the couple was incredible, from their passion to their intimacy. To ensure their connection would glisten in the darkness of Henrhyd waterfall, many tests were carried out. Projecting the footage onto a wall in the night, then testing the footage on the actual waterfall itself, to see if the footage could be seen after editing and colour grading the footage.

All the tests, the romance of the couple and the technology came together for the day of the shoot. The love of the couple, the beautiful scenery, the ideas and the drone created astonishing footage. As the drone flew through the couple, the excitement grew and there was a lot of passion for the final outcome! 

As the sunlight disappeared behind the night sky, the reflection from the projector worked perfectly, the footage of the couple from the beach shoot was clearly seen. Capturing the romance as the waterfall falls behind them, their eyes connecting, their closeness to their kiss, every moment portrayed their relationship of love. 

Connecting both the beach shoot with the waterfall engagement shoot, showed the love and passion of Charli and Joel as well as the work and effort from the behind the scenes. 

The end result of the full and complete engagement video is amazing and beautiful, and the ‘Behind The Scenes’ Video shows how Fire and Ice Videography team came to the amazing end result. 

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