Fire and Ice are an internationally published Wedding Photography and Videography team.
We travel worldwide and have documented over 200 weddings together.

If you are considering both Photography and Videography for your Wedding day, then why not hire both from the same team?

There are benefits to this.

We are comfortable with each other.

We spend most days together, constantly bouncing ideas off one another – coming up with new concepts, pushing our creative minds!

We go into each wedding with an idea of what we want to capture – a concept.
We have an idea for your Teaser and Highlight Videos and we work together to make sure it’s created the way we envision it.


We have an idea of posing, we have already scouted your venue and we know exactly what we want to capture!

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The fact that we work together so effortlessly is a bonus.
We know how to avoid what is sometimes unavoidable when working with strangers.
(Videographers, Photographers in the background of shots for example)

Our comfort level is good enough that a certain ‘look’ or a simple ‘hey, shift, you’re in my shot’ works wonders.
We don’t feel the need to be overly polite shall we say!

We each have a job to do, capture your wedding day beautifully, but in very different ways – and we work together with ease to make sure this is exactly what is done.

Our Photos and Videos have the same style.

Fire and Ice prides itself on uniqueness.

Our photos are unique, our videos are unique!
Hiring Photographer and Videographer from the same team ensures consistency with both your Gallery and your wedding videos.

It’s Easier.

You only have to correspond with one team.

You have one combined Package.

Your photos and videos will be delivered around the same time.

What’s not to love?

So, what will your Wedding Package include?

For more information, please email