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Fire & Ice Cinema – NuggLUTs 1.0

Fire & Ice Cinema – NuggLUTs 1.0


The original Fire & Ice NuggLUTs are perfect for you if you want the gourmet look of the presets in your videos. Designed to be used with LOG footage as well as Cine profile (Flat profiled footage), you can use them with a range profiles as well by simply turning down the intensity of the effect and then tweaking to your taste.



We in Fire & Ice are proud to present you with the NuggLUTs (name is a joke from inside the Fire and Ice Photography society group on facebook) These signature LUTs are used within our film production to produce a seamless and quick grades to increase our productivity. Obviously we would recommend tweaking it to your videos, however these are designed to help you implement style and feel of a film. Included in this pack is 6 LUTs

  • Buffalo Wild
  • Classic Sin
  • Golden Fortune
  • Honey Glaze
  • Honey Glaze HC
  • Hot Sauce

These LUTs are designed to work with S-Log as well as Cine profiles in mind. They have been designed for Sony footage however you are able to put these onto footage from other cameras also, we have put a great deal of effort to makes sure they can be used in as many situation as possible.



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