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Email Template Pack

Email Template Pack


These are the email templates used by Fire & Ice to simplify the process of responding to clients. UK and USA English versions are both included where applicable.



These are the email templates used by Fire & Ice to simplify the process of responding to clients.

Primarily we use these templates to speed up our communications with clients. We’re constantly juggling dozens of conversations so having a bank of messages ready to go saves us an unbelievable amount of time.

The secondary functions of these emails are to provide clarity, consistency and reassurance for the customer.

Clarity, in that they communicate key information with no ambiguity. Meaning your client is unlikely to get details wrong, or have an excuse to say they didn’t understand something.

Consistency, because your relationship with your client doesn’t begin and end with your
photos/ videos. When shooting with clients we tell them that they are “always on camera”, they should always act as though they could be photographed at any time. That principal applies to us as well. From the first enquiry to the last thank you, we must always project an air of professionalism, we must always be sincere and confident because we are always under review.

And finally, the emails reassure the customer that we know what we are doing. We’re friendly, approachable, but we aren’t hiding behind vague language and hollow sentiment. We don’t shy away from our process or our prices (because if you aren’t confident in stating how much you’re worth how is the customer going to feel confident paying you?). The fact is, we love what we do, we know how to do it, and if they trust us we will do it for them.

Use these templates as guidelines, make them your own and hopefully they’ll be as invaluable to you as they have been to us.

With Love

Fire & Ice


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