What is ‘Fine Art Photography’?

The easiest way for us to describe ‘fine art photography’ is that it’s the opposite to documentary photography. Everything in the frame is under the complete control of the artist, including posing, lighting, composition, expression, connection and so on. The art you want to create and the ideas, are more important than the subject’s personality. At Fire & Ice we have certain ‘in house’ terms for various kinds of shots. Candids, Candid Bangers, and Bangers!

1. Candid – A candid moment that happens without any prompting or direction from the artist. For example – The first kiss at a ceremony, bride laughing with her bridesmaids, guests laughing etc.

2. Candid Banger – A candid banger is a scene created by the artist but whatever happens in that scene is a candid moment. For example – A first look with the bride’s Dad (We would set the Dad up in a scene with the best lighting, best background and then ask the bride to walk towards him as he turns around to see her for the first time). Now even though we have had complete control over the overall scene, the emotional connection we capture between Father and Daughter is considered a candid moment.

3. Banger – A banger is what we consider ‘Fine art photography.’ Everything is under the complete control of the artist. Lighting, posing, composition, expression, grading, along with other elements. At Fire and Ice, this is what we do! It’s all we show across all social media platforms and website as these are the clients we want to attract. You will not see us posting candid moments even though they make up a huge chunk of the clients gallery.

  • Wedding photographers South Wales| LLechwen Hall
  • Bride and groom in the middle of the beauty of the venue as the sun starts to slowing go down behind them| Wedding photo
  • Bride and groom in a beautiful greenery with light shining through the trees
  • i Hj2KCJ5 4K scaled
  • Bride and bridesmaid photo on the floor| Rustic and vintage wedding| las vegas
  • Bride and groom in the wedding car as bridesmaids are in the reflection of the car window| Romantic Autumn Wedding
  • Shannon5 X4
  • Bride and Groom look out of the window in the church, sat on different benches
  • A bridal portrait
  • Landscape Web Content 17

Our Inspiration!

We draw our inspiration from each individual wedding. We plan every single wedding based on several factors. The couple themselves, the venue, the wedding dress, the colour scheme, style, the engagement session etc.

We also have an in-depth questionnaire that the client would fill out for the sole purpose of inspiring us. In our offices we have a huge client planning board with individual cards describing the couple and location. As a team, we would sit down at a round table in our office, pin the planning card to a whiteboard and story-board/plan out shots and films based on the above information.

When we carried out a formal consultation with this particular bride, she brought along her sister and niece. The little girl was so fiery and sassy in the consultation that it inspired this shot.

Millie and Nick were musicians (singer and guitar player) so for their engagement session we created the following film.

Watch the film here: https://vimeo.com/451975736