Different Photography Styles and how we incorporate each style on your wedding day.

As wedding Photographers, it is our job to capture the essence of your wedding. Through a variety of styles we will create a gallery that tells a story, your story!


Let’s start with the most important.
Documentary Photography is all about storytelling and will make up the majority of your gallery.
From start to finish we are there to capture your Wedding day as it unfolds, creatively and uniquely.
Your ceremony, the speeches, first dance – all of those key moments on your wedding day will be told through Documentary Photography.
We cannot control these events that unfold in front of our camera – but we can control how we capture those events.





Candid Photography will make up a good portion of your gallery.
These are the more natural, unplanned photos.
Whilst everyone is celebrating and having a good time, all of those little spontaneous moments are being captured.
Hugs, jokes being told, silly dancing, laughter and emotion.
At the time you and your guests may be unaware of what we are capturing! But looking back through your gallery, I Can promise you these beautiful and genuine moments will make you smile.

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Throughout your wedding day we will use prompts to get a certain look and they can be super fun!
We use these a lot during preparations and your intimate session.
These types of images are not fully posed but not completely documentary either.
For example, during bride prep, we may prompt you to pop a bottle of champagne surrounded by your bridesmaids.


Groom prep is full of prompts. They work well as you can see!


Your intimate session will be a mix of posed (we will get to this one soon!) and prompted.

We may ask you to walk towards the camera, but looking at each other – or bump into one another as you walk as if you’re “drunk walking home” sounds silly but it works a treat!


“Whisper something funny in your wife’s ear”


Prompts work so well! They are a way of getting genuine emotion in your photos without being fully posed.


Everyone loves that perfect photo!
This is where we will make you super models.
Hand placement, light placement, smiling or serious! We will work with you, instructing you to get that perfect pose.

Those “big shots” the “wow” photos – these can be part of your wedding story too.

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We understand that every couple is different and although we incorporate each style during your wedding day, if your preference is more natural, we can concentrate more on that.
If you love the posed photos then great! Let’s do it!

We love sending out a finished wedding gallery packed with variety.

So what style do you prefer?