The Wedding industry has been highly affected by the global pandemic.
During these uncertain times, what was once a packed summer 2020 calendar for Fire and Ice is now halved.

It’s bleak!
There is no getting around it, this is a truly terrible time and our hearts ache for each and every couple who have been forced to cancel their wedding or to postpone to a later date.

Just before the outbreak and lockdown measures being imposed, Fire and Ice were gearing up for a very busy wedding season! The busiest one yet!
Full of enthusiasm and eagerness, with multiple destination weddings and packed weekends doing what we love most.

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Now we are rescheduling and filling up our 2021 calendar FAST!

With our Summer 2020 wedding bookings halved, our Winter 2020 and Summer 2021 weddings have been doubled!

28 couples have postponed until next year, 6 have postponed with no set date, 3 have had to cancel completely as we could not accommodate their new date, 10 have postponed until later this year and we have multiple couples who are waiting to see what happens, unsure on what to do and we do not have the answers!
All we can do is wait and see.
It is devastating to say the least.

We should be full swing into the wedding season right now, with May being one of our busiest months. The start of peak season!

Our May calendar is now completely empty.

Fire and Ice Team

We are a team of 10 and we love working together.

Seriously – it doesn’t feel like a job, we are a family.
(Miss you guys!)

We spend most days together, so closing our offices was a daunting but necessary step for the safety of everyone in the company.

So we all got sent home (sob!)
But, like the resourceful group of people we are – we all set up office in our homes!
Go us!

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Working from home has its challenges, but it is flexible and we are making it work.
Our group chat has never been so active!

The Company.

Lockdown measures were imposed at the end of March – we instantly closed our offices.

Fire and Ice is a Limited company with 2 directors and 8 employees.
A very busy company, who were now stuck in limbo!
The Wedding industry is our bread and butter and watching the effects unfold was terrifying.

As a small company with premises we qualified for a 10k grant to help us through these uncertain times. That was a weight off our shoulders.

Each member of Fire and Ice is currently furloughed, receiving 80% of their pay.

What have we been doing during lockdown?

Keeping ourselves occupied!

We have made online workshops for everyone who signed up for our in person workshops in America (since we had to postpone), packed with information with the added bonus of being able to re-watch as many times as needed.

Our Website! Updating it, creating better content – focusing on things that we normally would not have time to do.

Blogs! Blogs and more Blogs!
(keep your eyes peeled for more – they are interesting we promise!)

More importantly? Spending time with family.
Cliche? Maybe, but it’s true.
The downside to having such an extremely busy company, with no free weekends is the lack of Family time.
Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love what we do – but getting this little extra time to spend with our loved ones? That is a silver lining we are happy about!