Any wedding within a 2 hour radius of our base, we travel in the morning. Anything over a 2 hour drive we travel the night before.

St Audries is 90 mins from our base so we set off around 7am. We arrived an hour early as usual, parked the car and walked into the main entrance. The porch was full of shoes. Im talking 16+ pairs of shoes.

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St Audries Park

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Custom Package

We continued through a corridor and began to hear voices/laughter coming from the dining room. After entering the dining room, everyone instantly went quiet and stared at us. It was so uncomfortable. The matriarch of the household said ‘Can we help you?’ Immediately realising that we were in the wrong place I responded ‘We’re looking for Charmaine & Lewis, we’re the wedding photographers?”

There is a mansion on the same road to the venue, and we had walked into someone’s home while they were eating breakfast.

Screenshot from Google Maps


Our vision for this wedding, after planning and scoping, was to create renaissance ‘painting’ feel portraits. Without a doubt, hands down St Audries Park is my favourite venue for indoor natural light.


Expanding off the ‘Painterly’ feel images, we took it further and recreated the last supper shot by Leonardo da Vinci


Strangely, whenever i think of this wedding, I always remember it for the unique ‘shoe shot’ we took at bridal prep


We cannot express how important it is to have a team of at least 2 photographers capturing a wedding. In our opinion, it is just too much work for one person and it is inevitable that moments will get missed.

A prime example of why 2 photographers are useful:


Unfortunately, Charmaine and Lewis didnt wasnt our videography package at this wedding but since, we returned to St Audries and made an epic film for an American bride who booked this natural light dream of a venue.

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