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Bilston Brook Wedding Barn

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Fire 2 + Ice 2

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Carla & Cawley tied the knot at the unique wedding venue – Bilston Brook Barn situated, Lichfield, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. The couple hired Fire & Ice to cover this special day.
The wedding venue was like a blank canvas ready to be turned into a masterpiece. We used our passion and knowledge of our craft to turn the best day of Carla & Mickey into something they’ll reminisce about for years to follow.
We see love from a different angle and turn your memories into a treasure.

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About Package

Carla and Mickey opted for our most popular package – ‘Fire 2 and Ice 2’ which concludes full day coverage for both wedding photography and wedding videography.This package includes a total of 4 Fire and Ice team members (2 photographers and 2 videographers).
Our team usually arrives at the venue around three hours before the ceremony begins and stay there until the team is satisfied they have enough photos to deliver stunning gallery, and enough footage to deliver epic unique wedding films. Though the package is entirely digital and doesn’t contain wedding albums or prints, you can request it by contacting us. We would be more than happy to help.
All of our packages include full day coverage, meaning there is no time limit. We stay for the duration of the wedding. If there is nothing planned at the wedding after the first dance, we would stay for roughly one hour. If there are fireworks going off at 11pm we will stay for them.
Typically, we take around 2–3k photos at each wedding which are then culled down to around 1k High-resolution images delivered. It depends upon factors such as: Wedding size and season (Winter wedding tends to be short due to short days thus less photo to shoot).
Within 7 days of the wedding being photographed/filmed, we deliver a ‘Preview’ and or a ‘Teaser’. The ‘Preview’ is a collection of selected images chosen by the lead photographer and the ‘Teaser’ is a 60-second trailer or ‘coming soon’ film that builds hype.
Thank you for trusting us with your precious memories. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.








Carla Cawley

Thank you for trusting us with your precious memories. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

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