By – Annika Wells

For every bride and groom their wedding day is a special day, and having wedding photographers capturing every memorable moment is a crucial part of a wedding. The collection of memories will make a unique and unforgettable story of you and your partner to always share. Picking the right photographer for your wedding to capture the must have shots for your wedding day is essential. The wedding shots are as valuable as wearing white gold bracelets that bring you beauty and enhance adornment.

When hiring a professional photographer, it is evident that the photographer must know the important shots and to capture the unforgettable moments in your wedding.

Here is a list of 5 must have shots to have in your wedding album.

Shot #1. Getting Ready

Getting ready with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, is a special part of the wedding to remember. Capturing the small moments can mean a lot to the bride, every bride wishes to capture this day to remember how beautiful she looked.

The bride spends a lot of time choosing the perfect wedding dress, so combining  everything together, putting on the jewellery, having her hair and makeup done and the big reveal to her friends and family before the big I do is important to capture. Small moments on a wedding day can mean a lot and are parts which make the day perfect.

Shot #2. First look of the Father

Most fathers get emotional the first time seeing their daughter in their wedding dress, and is an essential moment for both the bride and her father. The photographers must be smart enough to quickly capture the moment and the reaction of both the Father and bride. If there is only one photographer, he must go for the fathers’ reaction first, then take a wide shot of both together. This shot will become a lifetime remembering the moment. 

Shot #3. Bridal Portrait Solo

The bride spends months on the wedding preparations, to ensure every part of her big day is perfect. Every bride wants to have pictures of her wedding dress and how beautiful she was on her special day. A solo portrait shot can make the bride feel beautiful and stunning.

The best time to take the picture is daytime, and the best way is to take the photo is from behind. Taking the picture from behind will detail the dress, the lace, and other features of the dress. Another shot while the bride spins her dress can be beautiful.

Shot #4. Couple Portrait

From saying I do to the first kiss, every bride and groom are full of love and romance. This is the perfect time to capture the couple images. Your wedding photographer will capture a range of different couple images as these are the main photos of the album.

Walk and laugh together, the photographer must take shots of those moments and laughter between the bride and the groom. It will be best to take the shots of both closeups and from a distance. These are the first images together as husband and wife. These photos captured on your wedding day, will always make you smile and remember the special day shared with your partner.

Shot #5. Family Formals

Your wedding day is surrounded by the people you and your partner both love. Family formals are another important photo to capture on your wedding day. First, start with a great photo with a large group, take the shot 2-3 times to assure that everyone’s eyes are open and the faces are visible. Now next, take the photos with the close members, including the siblings and the parents.

After taking these shots, your wedding photographer should capture candid moments with family and friends, these photos can be the photos that will always make you laugh and smile, the photos you will always cherish. 

We are wrapping up!

Photos play an essential part in our lives, thanks to the person who invented the camera that today we can lock our memories in a piece of paper. It helps us to  remember all the good times that we have spent together with our loved ones.

Wedding’s are a special day and capturing the perfect moments for you to always remember is important. The five must have shots explained in this article will surely help you make your wedding day memorable.

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